Why I look forward to seeing him again

Not all gentlemen I meet at Angel escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/angel-escorts stick in my mind, but some of them do. Paul was one of those guys. He seemed almost a little bit sad and left out on a limb in life. On our first date he told me that he had just sold his company, and wanted to do something different. He finally had some time to himself and that was the main reason he had called us at Angel escorts. In short, our Paul wanted to indulge himself.


Paul had spent so much time working and building his business that he had forgotten about his own personal needs. I must admit that I was a little bit surprised that he had not called Angel escorts some time ago. He would normally be the sort of gent I went out with on business or dinner dates. But, it turned out Paul had been happy to look after his business clients on his own, and not get escorts or companions involved in his dating life.


What Paul was after was some kind of friendship with a girl. He had never had a lot of experience of women and felt a bit anxious about dating and eventually falling in love. The funny thing was that he did not have a clue how endearing this made him sound to me, and the rest of the girls at Angel escorts. He sounds like he was totally sweet and innocent. Needless to say, I was delighted that he had picked me as his first point of contact with an escort agency in London.


Did Paul want to date us girls at Angel escorts on a long term basis? It was kind of a hard question to answer. On our first date he had been a little bit anxious and I got a sense that he was not sure what he was after at all. When had talked for a good part of the date, and I felt that he was a man who did not have a lot of experience of the world in general. One thing was for sure, he had a magic personality and was rather a good looking guy. I had enjoyed his company a lot and for the first time in ages, I was looking forward to see someone again.


The next week Paul called me on my personal mobile number. I don’t normally give out my personal details but I wanted Paul to be totally at ease and comfortable with Angel escorts. We hastily arranged another date, and agreed to meet in a restaurant for a meal. When I walked into the restaurant Paul was already there. He was sitting at a table and looked rather business like. It felt a bit weird, but I knew that this man had been immersed in business for such a long time I could not really expect anything else.  Before I had even sat down, he told me that he had compiled a list of things he would like to do with a girl, and now he wanted to know if I would be that girl. No, problem, I would be happy to help even though I thought some of his ideas sounded a bit kinky.


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