When they  first got married, things in the bedroom were amazing.



But as time passed, Tom started having problem getting an erection. This was very frustrating for Jenifer who simply loved sex. Tom did not seem to care about Jenifer’s needs and the two became very distant. While the married couple still got along in other aspects of the relationship, not having sex was really getting to Jenifer.


Jenifer loved Tom very much and even blamed herself for his dysfunction. So, she decided to heat things up in the bedroom by offering to hire a London escort to join them. Tom came home from work that day and Jenifer surprised him with her idea. But Tom thought the idea was bad and even called Jenifer stupid for suggesting it. This hurt her feelings and she never brought the subject up again. But things were about to change in a major way for Jenifer.


Two of Jenifer’s college friends moved into the neighborhood which really excited her. Now she would spend some time out of the house with her old college buddies. Mark and Jim were renting the large two story home across the street and Jenifer would often go over to visit them when Tom was at work. One day when Jenifer went to visit her friends, something very strange but exciting happened.


That day Mark was away on business, and Jenifer and Jim were going to have lunch together. The pair had a wonderful lunch and even had a few glasses of wine. Things started off friendly enough but when Jenifer started drinking she became very horny. The wine and the moment lead Jenifer to kiss Jim on the lips. This took him by surprise but it did not stop Jim from kissing her back. A kiss on the mouth went quickly from just kissing to Jim undressing Jenifer right there in the dining room.


Jim quickly ripped off his own clothes and placed Jenifer’s lush naked body on the dining room table. After softly kissing Jenifer all over, he placed his huge 9-inch cock deep inside of her. She moaned with pleasure as his rock-hard member went in and out of her. After an hour of passionate love making, both Jenifer and Jim chummed hard. This rocked her world and now whenever she gets a chance she goes over to Jim’s house for some much-needed dirty sex.


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