Summer is here and Bloomsbury escorts agencies are really busy

However, some local guys are asking themselves if it too expensive to date Bloomsbury girls. A lot of the agencies put their prices up during the summer and hourly rates can hot £650 per hour. It is too much, says Alan, a guy who dates Bloomsbury hot girls a lot. I could afford it, but I would have to limit myself to one date per month, laughs Alan. As a matter of fact, I think you will find that a lot of the local guys will vote with their feet and date in other parts of London.


Nick, who also dates a lot of Bloomsbury escorts like, completely agrees. I like to date this really hot Japanese girl. She is totally amazing, but at the moment her hourly rate is £1,000 per hour, gasps Nick. It is way too much and I just wouldn’t pay it. The problem is that all of the Arab boys are in town and they pay a lot of money for their escorts. £1000 per hour to one of these chaps is nothing, the rest of us couldn’t possible afford it. You can certainly get a lot for £1,000 or £2,500 for 3 hours. I think I will get my Nuru massages somewhere else, says Nick.


One day these girls are just going to be charging so much that the locals will not be able to afford them. They will wake up to it when the boys have gone home, and they start looking for local guys again. To their horror they will discover that local guys will not be interested in dating Bloomsbury escorts any more. They will have moved on to dating escorts in other parts of London. I am afraid that is the way the cookie crumbles, says Alan.


Many more guys feel the same way, Nick points out. We keep them going for the rest of the year but when the Arab bad boys hit down, the Bloomsbury escorts that I date go after them with other rates. At the moment I have been dating some really nice girls in the East End and I might continue dating there. All of the girls do incalls and outcalls all over London as well. The service is just as good as the service you get from girls here in Bloomsbury. Some of the girls are stunning and I have really enjoyed dating them.


It sounds like Bloomsbury escorts need to examine the business practices, and maybe look after their loyal dates a bit better. After all, it takes a lot of hard work to gain a date, so you don’t really want to lose them. The girls are probably earning a lot of money at the moment, but will it continue? The Arab bad boys are in town for a couple of months and then they go. Directly after they leave many girls lower the rates but what has happened to their regulars over the summer? It might be a good idea to ask you next date the question.

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