Making memories with a Guilford Escorts

I did not think that my life will put in danger because of my bad habits before.  It was a mistake not caring for my health, and now I just regret every day of my life. It was too late that I realized how important health was, but I am thankful for people who made me happy despite my situation now.


My name is Kevin, originally I came from Australia but recently I was based here in Guilford for medications. My life now is far different from before; there are lots of things I was prohibited from including my favorites food too. All the good times back were gone now; I spent my day here looking at the window and watch people enjoying their lives. Sometimes, I asked God for a miracle, yet maybe this was all the effects of my vices back time. What I learned is, the people you gave so much of your time will eventually leave you when you are no longer beneficial to them. When I got sick, my friends have forgotten me, and don’t hear any greetings from them. It’s sad when you spend your life with people you thought that are loyal and genuine to you but in the end, it turns out that they will be the one to leave you.


Life is beautiful, and you have to spend each day with gratefulness in your heart. Make dreams for yourself so that you have motivation in life. While you are young, don’t take everything seriously, balance it and always avoid too much in your life. You know that too much can kill you.


You know the sayings that problems is not a solution for a challenge,having vices in life won’t slip away your problem. You can always think of a better solution when you calm yourself, not paranoid and one step at a time. Don’t feel discourages, and depressed right away. Always think positive in life, and later on, you will realize that everything will come to an end.


I struggle a lot in life, especially when my father died. We are only two in life, and now he left me. I don’t have any relatives in Australia and that’s why I was cast away to Guilford with the help of my auntie Jackie. I drink alcohol and smoke weed every day, for me, it was an escape to reality. Years passed of constant bad habits; I was diagnosed with liver cancer.


I am not yet dead, but my situation feels like, bedridden and lonely. I decided to ask a favor from my auntie to book a Guilford Escorts

for one time. And my experience with Guilford Escorts from¬† is incredible, I can’t forget how we spend the day with joy and genuinely. She gave me a memory I will keep forever.

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