I’d rather have a dog then have a man

I’d rather have a dog then actually be in a relationship with a man. Everyone laughs at me whenever I say this but being in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex always comes with its problems. And the majority of the time the problems are to do with the man. My friends at London escorts of https://www.londonxcity.com I totally baffled by my views on men. They don’t understand how someone who dates men on a professional basis at one of London’s top escort agencies despises men so much. Even our receptionist can’t understand my views as I’m pretty much one of the most popular escorts at the agency. 


What is guys don’t understand is that my views have nothing to do with my work. I can go out and have a great time on a date with a guy and enjoy that moment for what it is in that moment. Work is totally different to actually being in a relationship and committing to someone else. First of all I just believe and get so much headache because of men’s stupid insecurities about my job that I’m just not willing to entertain getting into relationship. There is no way I’m going to give up a job that I love just for one person. Second of all men are portrayed as the simpler sex however I believe they are just as complex and needy as women are. I have never been the kind of person to portray myself as someone needy as I actually can’t stand clingy people it’s one of my pet peeves. This is where the girls at London escorts respect me so much I’ve always been someone to stand on my own 2 feet. 


A dog on the other hand is loyal doesn’t take up all of your time can sense when you’re feeling bad it doesn’t ask any questions because they feel insecure or jealous. I would take that furry four-legged creature over a man any day. Girls in London escort always laugh at me whenever I say this but it’s the truth. What the girls at London escorts need to understand is that society has precondition us to believe that we need to be in relationships with people of the opposite sex to be normal. I strongly disagree I believe you should be free to love who you want to love and be single if you would rather be single. At the end of the day being happy and healthy is the most important thing for any individual or human being or sentient being for that matter. So conforming to what society has precondition us to believe isn’t necessarily the best thing for everybody. If it makes you happy to be with a man or a woman or to be by yourself then that’s okay as long as you are healthy mentally physically and emotionally. My friends from London escort say when I put it like that it makes sense it’s just that they’re so used to the normal social norms. 

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