I and my partner are separated but he acts evasively


My husband and I were separated for almost two months. I think there is more than enough time for him to decide what he wants to do for our marriage. He asked me for a chair and I gave it to him. But it seems like he is not closer to me and our marriage than before breaking up. Because I am tired of waiting, I have asked very carefully what he did, Debden Escorts says. I say things like, “Where do you want to stay next month?” Or “What do you think about me today?” I never got a definite answer. He will say something like, “I still appreciate it.” Or to be honest, my feelings are still everywhere. I just don’t know. That makes me very angry, Debden Escorts says. If he knows that our marriage is over, or that he doesn’t care about me anymore, I hope he dares to say it. On the contrary, it seems difficult to slow down or give me an honest answer. Why do that? And how can I stop it? This is a very common problem.

Very often, women hope that her husband will be suitable after he acknowledges how much he misses and loves and wants to go home and save the marriage in a short time. If this doesn’t happen, they accept the worst and ask her husband or push him aggressively, which can lead to a worse situation, Debden Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/debden-escorts says. I know you want and deserve an answer. But I also know from experience that you are more likely to succeed in reducing negativity and pressure. In the next article I will describe what I think is the best strategy in this situation. If he doesn’t answer your question, try leaving a few moments. Or think about how to express it in a different way: If you feel that your marriage is being questioned, it’s very easy to try and test a strategy that doesn’t prove successful. The reason for this is because you are so panic that common sense leaves you.

If this is your situation, I suggest that you try to distract yourself if your wishes arise, Debden Escorts says. And if you can’t do that, you can reformulate the question to make it sound more positive. So, instead of saying things like, “So you decide when you go home, maybe you will say,” have you made progress since you had the time? “I understand his feelings for me and for marriage?”, Can you try? “Now things become clearer? Or evaluate them?”

The way you convey this message is very important, Debden Escorts says. They don’t want to sound accusing or impatient. You don’t want to reveal this, so that sounds like a search. Because it is very difficult to say these words and that sounds supportive and correct, I only suggest staying positive when you are nearby, asking questions, knowing that when he is ready to share his feelings Or, alternatively, if things improve dramatically between You are so ready to go home, it will become clear.

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