I Am An Escort And I Love My Job!

Today, I wanted to share my short, interesting albeit a bit different story with you guys. As you might have guessed it, I am an escort (the title kind of gave it away, didn’t it?). But my story is not a sob story of yet another oppressed woman who was forced into doing something against her will. As a matter of fact, mine is a story of a liberated woman who loves what she does!

Let me begin with how I got my career started! I was always a very sexual person. Not to toot my own horn, but I am a hottie! I have always had boys throwing themselves at me. I love the attention and crave the physical intimacy as well. What can I say, I love sex! And I am good, nay, great at it!

I know my own body and what my partner needs physically. When I finished my high school, and started college, I wanted to earn my own money as I was a grown adult, duh! So, I started picking up shifts at the school cafeteria and other places. I soon realized that waiting tables and such are not for me. Although I was so good with customers, I would always flirt my way to a healthy tip all the time, no pun intended! But still I being a server was not for me.

It was during this time that one of my friends introduced me to an excellent agency, an online professional escort service, https://charlotteaction.org. Although I was skeptical about the whole idea of selling myself, but then I a thought popped into my head. I have this crazy talent, I am so good in bed. I get immense sexual gratification when my partners are blown away with the best sex they had! And as I said earlier, I love sex. Once I figured this out, it did not take me long to realize that being an escort is the best thing for me!

Although I was a bit tentative in the beginning, but as soon as I decided to give it a go, all the apprehension went away. I felt more liberated and confident than ever. I earn more money in a few hours that would take weeks if I were to wait tables! And as a bonus, I have a great time at work!

I have a few clients who keep coming back to me as thy can’t get enough of me! I have a great time as well. I guess, if you know what you want in life, you can find your true calling. I don’t feel embarrassed or bad at all about the fact that I earn a butt load of money pleasuring people! I take it as a profession and strive to be the best I can at it!

Look, there are women who are forced into this profession and that is bad. I mean no one should do anything against their will, right? But for me, it was a choice that I made and I will stand by it till my last moment. I am very open about what I do and I feel no need to hide or cover it up whatsoever. It was my choice and I pride myself at what I do! As they say, be the best at whatever you do and I am the best!

So, for all women like me out there who want to give this profession a try and earn a ton of money, I say, go for it! Just make it your choice and not an obligation to be an escort!

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