Husband is having a midlife Crisis

A couple of my Bury Park escorts of said it is almost like my husband is having a midlife crisis. He does not really seem interested in changing things at all. I have suggested to my Bury Park escorts friends that perhaps there is something physically wrong with him, but a recent check-up proved otherwise. According to the doctor your sex drive diminishes as you get older. It could be what is happening to him I really can’t find any other explanation at this stage. I have bought some herbal supplements which seem to have helped a bit but they do not seem to have returned his spirit.

Speaking to my Bury Park escorts friends the other day I was telling them about the days when he used to come home and take me straight to bed with him. I wish he would still do that but it never seems to be on his agenda. Now when he comes home, he goes off to see to his dearly beloved fish tanks. I told my Bury Park escorts friends that I often stand frustrated in the kitchen silently calling out “ravish me” but nothing seems to happen. When dinner is ready I have to drag him away from his fish tanks.

So far I have tried everything, even sharing his interest in fish keeping. That did not last very long as he bought me a cat suggesting I take an interested in another pet instead. The cat is now looked after by our daughter and sleeps on her bed. Secretly I think that he bought the cat for her not for me. Will our lives ever change? I am not so sure and I have told my Bury Park escorts friends that I am beginning to feel increasingly frustrated. I can understand why so many women my age turn to male Bury Park escorts.

It has probably happened to most couples and at the moment it is affecting my relationship with my husband. We have been together for over 20 years and every time we try to make love to each other, it is the same old thing. He says that it is my time of life and my hormones are all over the place. It could be part of the problem but to be honest my husband does not turn me on any more. I have a couple of friends who work as Bury Park escorts and sometimes I feel really envious of their lifestyle. Perhaps I should go off and join a Bury Park escort’s agency for some adult fun.

That is absolutely it. Our sex life is not any fun anymore. We used have some great fun sex but for some reason the fund has gone out of our sex life. Now we mainly just do it and get it over with. My Bury Park escorts friends told me to buy some sexy underwear which I did. It did not really help as he complained that he did not like and even accused me of having a lover. I was not impressed and told my Bury Park escorts friends all about it.

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