Every relationship have ups and downs

You have to make sure you know what to do in every circumstance. There are lots of ways you can do to make your relationship work; you have to start with yourself first. All of us directly reacts whenever we deal with a problem, sometimes we spoke too much or decide quickly. Our words can even hurt our partner; we have to be extra careful.

I believe that relationship is one way to cope us from our fears, neglection, and start over again. Our behavior is the result of the environment we live in, just like when you came from a chaotic and messy family, of course, you will be affected. You get the trait from them, you generated fear, you tend to lose control, or either you have trust issues.

My name is Keith before I found my partner in life, I can say that my life has no direction. It was a messy world I live in, and I accept the fact that no matter how I try to escape from it, but I can’t. It was too late that I know my father belongs to a notorious syndicate, and been involve with drugs. Perhaps he is in jail now for a long time. His imprisonment worsens my life; all the responsibilities were passed by on me. My mother who had the capabilities that time to raise us is not consistent in feeding us.

Instead, she enjoys herself like she is a single lady. She also forgot my dad in jail; I don’t think she visited him even once. My relationship to them goes far away, and believe that I don’t have parents anymore. At the young age, I learn to work, and raise my two little brothers. I was contented with the three of us until my mom brought home a man and the father of her baby. My life with my stepfather was brutal; he keeps on beating me whenever I don’t follow him. Even mom can’t escape from his bad attitude; he spends money on his bad habits. Sometimes he locks us on the room without food.

I want to run, scream but I can’t just leave my two brothers. Until such time when I was in my twenties, I dared to go and brought my two brothers. All of us help each other to feed ourselves. Until I heard about this Hungerford Escorts. I booked a Hungerford Escorts and didn’t expect that we match to each other. Since I found her, my life has changed. I start to create goals in life, and slowly achieve them. I look forward now for a better future. Our relationship gives meaning to my life. I believe that being in a relationship with a Hungerford Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/hungerford-escorts is a great help for me.

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